Last nights trip to Manchester was fruitfull, went to see the opening of an exhibition in the Northern Quarter at the Richard Goodall gallery called Bardot, Bond, Beckham and Beyond: Photographs by Terry O'Neill, which had some amazing pictures he'd taken of Hollywood stars in the late 60's early 70's and also David Beckhem and Amy mop head Winehouse. There were two fucking smart photos that stood out for me. Firstly David bowie (legend) in his massive high heeled boots, full on make up sat in a vintage chair clutching a lead to a dog going mental jumping around showing its teeth. What a juxtaposition between camp bowie and a steroid filled dog going ape. It would have been even better if he had his Mille Miglia jacket draped round the chair. Secondly is a picture of Raquel Welsh stood in all her glory on a desk, kickers half way down her legs facing three old timers with the best facial expressions. The middle guy looks as if hes going to croak it, mind you if i was sat in his position my heart rate would mimic a coke fiend.

What a life Terry O'Neill must of had smashing it about hollywood getting an eye full. After leaving mift i couldnt buy any being massivly poor at the moment, inspired i got my iphone out the pocket ready to snap  but unlike terry i wasnt lording it up in L.A with stars, i was though in manchester and its just as good in its own way.....i think

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