New Ebay Purchases for Winter

Winter is now in full flow time to do up your top button as the driving rain rolls down the Pennines. As I see the Bolton finest still in shorts covering the town centre's pavements in saliva, I'm prompted to don the more appropriate of attire in contrast. So here are a few eBay purchases in the inauguration of what promises to be a black fingered winter, for some a hindrance for me a challenge. But more importantly an excuse to buy some corduroy and cashmere.

 M and S cashmere jumper for under a fiver a steal
 The only thing that your legs should be in contact with this winter is corduroy and nobody makes them better than Ralph. Difficult to get the right cut as most on eBay are short and very wide but easy adjusted on the sawing machine.   
 Think a bit of autism slipped in and i went all out on Ralph Lauren but this is a classic shirt    
Couldn't resist with this one very anti winter with the flowers, bringing a little juxtaposition to my outfit

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