"Be England what she will. With all her faults, she is my country still".
Charles Churchill (1731-1764) - English poet

Trip down south with my pupils widened to fill full of the idiosyncrasies of are good old capital and my iPhone fully charged to capture these sites.

 Legend i want a proper explores beard

Bit of shopping pic of the lot these two Present and Denham

Gandering at a bit of Wall Art

Wetting the whistle in the London borough public free houses and admiring there lighting.
"Houdini you don't what your running away from"

Tryed finding the Rapha cycling shop near Old street but it had moved but ended up finding this gem of a building.
Trying to escape the masses on brick lane i did a bit of exploring and stumbled across these stairs, what a find i love disused building that have hints of their former purpose under layers of decay. 
BRICK LAne on a Sunday

Hotel in view of earls court where Pink Floyd played many moons ago
and the flying pig boggled the minds of the acid fuel fans

MANCHESTER 2hrs trip to the capital Easy

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