Road kill

 Today enduring a grueling bike ride as usual i began trying to occupy my thoughts and get to my happy place. But however much i search i could not find a break from the pain not even when my Ipod shuffled to Toots and the Maytals. The road had killed my knees more it had annihilated them. Naively thinking it was going to be a long ride and nothing was going to get worse. Perfectly position at the bottom of a intimidating hill i got the unthinkable, a puncher. FUCK. So scaling the hill on foot and plodding on inching towards home some 4 miles away i  thought about how Sir Ranulph Fiennes had escaped his physical torture on his many polar expedition he says he relyed on the thought that all his family were behind him but all i could think is that my family would be behind me pissing there sides!  Ironically as i walked with my self pity for company  i stumbled upon a dead fox. There is some moral of intellectual metaphor i should of picked up from this chance encounter but i didn't. Although it did pass some time taking pictures. Enjoy i didn't.    


  1. Old proverb: "He who pedals off without spare inner tube will find something flat."

  2. ha ha how true are those words i will lern the hard way