"Oh man... the bullshit piled up so fast in Vietnam, you needed wings to stay above it"

Went to see the digital remastered 'Apocalypse Now' at the Cornerhouse Manchester. What a privilege to see the likes of Dennis Hopper, Marlon Brando, Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall at the cinema some 32 years after its original release. Hadn't watched it for a long time and it lived up my anticipation, the beginning scene id say hands down the best opening to a film ever and will not be beaten. As I'm not a massive film buff i didn't rely notice the remastered touches and was just reveling in the enjoyment of watching it on a cinema screen and the atmosphere of the brilliant Cornerhouse cinema. Until the carnage of the helicopter attack jolted me out of my hazy bubble of enjoyment to truly appreciate true craftsmanship of Francis Ford Coppola and the clarity of the digital touch up. It has also provoked a new ambition to float down a the The Nung River into Cambodia on acid or any boat in a better climate that England.

FILM TRIVIA: The Nung river is fictional  and represents the Mekong River.

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning Smells like...victory."

The magazine 'Little White Lies' have done a tribute to the film which is definatly worth a buy with a impressive ÀPOCOLYPSE NOW themed cover.

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