Sundays can go either way for me, endless boredom in a antique road show lethargy or swallowing away the last of the weekend in company of my work trodden compardrays. Sunday 18/9/11 i broke free from the shackles of routine and fulfill a daydream id had for a while. A lot of my bike training for iron man has been up the A675 cutting through the open west Pennie moors many a time its views got me through some to be honest horrendous times. one spot more than most was a simple solitary tree standing proud some mile or 2 in the open. i said to myself as a treat (oh yes i live the good life) that after Ironman id drive to the nearest point on the road and run to it. Some call it fell running i call it pick a point and run to it. What better day to reward myself and upend a lazy Sunday.

Now in hind site i would have better prepared for this tirade across the Moore's but in my opinion preparations kills the glory of spontaneity. So placing my car keys on the top of the front tyre then taking  first my first step i was filled with the sense of freedom and more important freedom from the strain of training. Every sodden bound, stride was powered with enjoyment and not bare necessity as it had been before. The stern looks from elderly geared up ramblers sticks in hand as i politely offer a 'how do' or losing my right limb to peat bog wearnt to take the edge of the proceedings but add to its energy. All calculated a very enjoyable Sunday and food for thought on future fell running excursions.           

Round Loaf (i ran past this)
Round Loaf is a Neolithic or Bronze Age tumulus on the West Pennine Moors on Anglezarke Moor, within the locale of Chorley in Lancashire, England. It is the largest of its type in the North West of England, dating back 3500 years. Known as a Round Barrow, it probably contains the cremated remains of the leader of a tribe which once made this lonely spot their home

la fee verte is a belter!!



need to buy some proper walshes fell running shoes like these

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