real ale wednesday - BOLTON BEER FESTIVAL

I'M sure the whole point of a beer festival is to enjoy and savour the taste of a vast wide range of real ale that usually would be at your general disposal. But when presented with a 18-30ts esque free bar for 1 hour offer, then all dignity is striped from the proceedings and the bitter lout is born hungry for quantity quality obsolete. Probable not the maturest way to go about a beer festival but maturity reeks of fat old men bloated with regret.        

started 3.30pm
  • Real ale Wednesday afternoon starts with a brimstone dark bitter! Heavy but it will do!
  • Just won darts and on to my second port o call bank top brewery another darky like guineas but with port kick of a mule 6% #realalewednesday
  • Red beard bank top lightest of the evening, darts starting to suffer #realalewednesday
  • Oh dear just been given a VIP ticket to the brewers only first night of the Bolton bear festival free ale all night epic #realalewednesday
  • 1hr free starts here 
  • Oat stout thas nowt stout #realalewednesday
  • Square Rigger Dalestone #realalewednesday 
  • Withens pale ale #realalewednesday
  • Dikens pale ale #realalewednesday
  • Fuck you in realpisy!!
  • Steinlarger 7.5%
  • Austria urbock 9.6% game over !!!!!!! #realalewednesday  
End 10.00pm

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