london point and shoot

Thursday- dirty burger- train- 2hrs- old people- smell the underground- long way west- shower- frenchurch- fonze- rose/squid/broccoli - hoxton pony- 98 bar- old blue last- Dre- gin- becks- gin- underground- drunk- bed-  Friday-breakfast- shower-  west- garbstore- porobello- old leather footballs- google taking over the world- why why octopus pie- st Paul's- shorditch- same old- Barbour Melton knit- cords- train- shower- Camden- hallow- fluff- chinky on the lock- hawley arms- Soho- gay- bed- Saturday- awake- shower- centre- people- people- back alley pubs- convent- shopping shit- wrap- coat- vice- kronenburge- dukebox- Soho- hats off- train- home

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