Project: GIN Drinking up louie

For i while now iv been in the process of infusing my own gin and this Christmas i cracked the seal and got wet. i got the idea from the side of a Bombay Sapphire bottle which if you inspect gives you the simple receipt to production. Most people that iv mentioned this endeavour to seem to get the impression that to make gin you have to distill your own alcohol, which isn't the case! They process is simple, make your own botanical (herb/spices) recipt, a shit load of juniper berries and add it too the best proof vodka you can get your hands on. Leave it to ferment for a month or how long your patients last then filter. Heres a link to explain a little clearer

Im not gona give you my recipt as it turned out to be the drink of gods and all in all a very rewarding project.

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