The chore jacket an overwhelmingly American jacket that recently i haven't been able to ignore. Not going down the history lesson bollocks of how they originated by some bogg eyed yank in a work shop, i just dont care. This post is just self indulgent, as its merely an platform to look at each jacket in close proximaty to each other and let them all fight it out to find the victory to which will increase my credit card balance. Yee har

1. Engineered Garments x Post O'alls - Out of my reach but as it was a shop opaning memorial piece by Nepenthes in Tokyo, done in limit numbers but this just adds to its intregue and the number of family members ill have to sell for it.
2. Smith + Butler x Tellason Garment Dyed Natural - Another colab but the eye opener for me is the pockets as I'm prone to losing things the more the better and im not kidding myself id never need a map pocket but looks about the right shape for a can of super strength as i walk my pit bull through the estate.
3. The Pointer Brand Duck canvas - A all American brand doing it for thew stars and stripes and the this coat is a little piece of the American dream. As Afghanistan has its extremists the U.S.A have its work wear enthusiasts i know who has the best buttons. 

Next a few second hand or if your cool Vintage Chore/Work wear.

 This one above is on its trans Atlantic journey Carolina - Greater Manchester safe voyage my friend. 


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