Firefighters 2UP Duathlon

Firefighters 2UP Duathlon, Sunday March 4th
The firefighters duathlon me and my mate bogo entered the other week in Belmont near Bolton. The event is a 6k run, 28k cycle and final 6k run, but to mix it up you had to race the whole event with a partner of choice my long lasting mate and Mr competitive bogo. We wasn't allowed to start the cycle ride unless together or finish unless holding hands. After a 2 hour delay from sideways rain, it went well a refeshing change to have a partner to talk shit to while gasping in agony as your calfs feel like they are on the verge of exploding.

RUN 1: 25:49.6 CYCLE: 1:09:30 RUN 2: 28:23.8 
OVERALL: 02:03:43.4 


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