Wise Words

Some very wise words from the oxandbow.com that needed to be spread!
1. Usually the most interesting individuals are those who do not divulge a lot of information. There is an encompassing “interesting-ness” in not trying to convince others of how interesting you may be.
2. Before you become a great leader, you must first learn to become a great servant.
3. Likewise, if you want to see your dreams become reality, you must become an expert in helping others do so first.
4. Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth. Learn to have a plan B just incase.
5. Stay fit.
6. Learn two things and you will have a step up on most of the civilized world. The first is to learn a trade or skill. The second is to learn how to drive a stick.
7. Top button – Sometimes. Middle Button – Always. Bottom Button- Never.
8. Silver & Gold is good. Knowledge is better. Guts is what defines you though.
9. Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.
10. You should get your hands dirty everyday. You should get your hands bloody only when it is worth it.
11. The spirit of your grandfather sleeps alongside you at night. Remember that the next time you opt to sleep in till noon or call in sick to work because of a cough.
12. Pursue. Protect. Provide. Learn these things and your woman will respect you.
13. There are two types of products: Hand crafted and Crap.
14. Style, not fashion.
15. Always have a firm and confident handshake. Never give them a dead fish.
16. Never cheat. Whether in business or with a woman, never do it. You work hard and you will come out on top. You deserve to win outright, not to take shortcuts in life.
17. You get knocked down? You get back up. And you make sure the same thing does not knock you down again. You get knocked down six times, you get back up seven.
18. Go forth and live an extra-ordinary life. Ensure that you leave a legacy.
19. Be the bigger man. If you get insulted, laugh it off. Shrug your shoulders and walk away. Do not vex yourself, your time, nor your energy towards them. If they took the time to insult you , then you are obviously known by them and thus more important.
20. Write hand written letters and correspondence. Tweets disappear in seconds. Emails can be deleted within the click of a mouse. No man or woman can forget the individual who takes the time to write a hand written note, nor do they want to discard it. Find a nice suitable stationary . Sign your name to it. It goes a long way.

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