This blog started with a whimsical statement of intent to escape the mundane repetition of my life as it resided back on the 5.2.2010 to quote myself
 "Getting myself out of this arse end of a town and into the mixer."
 Well the mixer back then i admit wasn't any fixed destination and if I'm honest not because i was living in some unbearable surroundings its just i had itch feet and needed out. So with said in mind I'm happy to announce that 15.08.2012 ill be enduring happily a 13 hour flight to TOKYO JAPAN to which the landing will start my new fight, fuck doing it by half's i'm going in for the KIL. Yep my compass aims east for good or ill i'm emigrating to JAPAN.
“With the palms zipping past and the big sun burning down on the road ahead, I had a flash of something I hadn’t felt since my first months in Europe. A mixture of ignorance, and a loose, what-the-hell kind of confidence that comes when a man picks up and begins to move in a hard, straight line toward an unknown horizon.”
–Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary (1998)
As always HST hits the nail on the head with this i haven't had a long burning desire to land camera finger toned ready to suck the life out of Tokyo and all it has to offer. I'm just a wide eyed westerner horny for adventure no matter what its disposition. To free my oppressed fantasies and change is all i seek. (above image a flyer i designed for mine and my girlfriends leaving party)

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