For a long time now iv had an inner fight with myself about watching T.V and regrettably t.v being the victor to many times. I'm prone to just sit there in ignorance of any productive benefit and let programmes wash over me thriftily swallowing my time. Another prime culprit are stupid fucking games on my phone like tetris or angry birds my brain seems to be attracted to the numb stupor they puts me in. I must admit its just the easy option to bang on e4 or sky and watch some shite American soap or bollocks reality TV which if that's your reality you need electrodes shoving in your eyeballs and shocked into the real world, but  its becoming more apparent that my reality is different to that of the general population. Instead i should be actively putting the effort in and find something stimulating to do or even watch i find it massively more rewarding. I'm a little harsh on my self as i don't watch as much as i know others do but in my opinion TV has bread a generation of apathy no more so apparent with these cunts rioting and looting for no reason than they can. Anyway to make this rant more than just catharsis i have declared to watch nothing that i will not benefit from watching and but my time that i used to watch hollyoaks and neighbours (maybe not neighbours) to better effect.  

Here is Hunters view on T.V (standard i had to involve him)
"People think i watch too much TV, but they are wrong. There is a huge difference between merely ''watching'' TV and learning to respond aggressively to it. The difference, for most people, is the difference between the living and dying of their own brains.
The lesson is simple, yet it must be learned: if all you get from watching TV most of your life is the jumble of disconnected information it imparts, you are doomed to a life of fear and confusion- especially if you receive 500 or 600 Chanel's 24 hours a day, like i do" HST

A list of what iv found benefit from watching.

werner hertzhog

vbs tv

Steven Hawkin's
Bear documentaries

Epically later

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